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Holistic therapist Stratford Upon Avon Warwickshire


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Holistic therapist Stratford Upon Avon Warwickshire


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Holistic Therapist in Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire



Guild of holistic therapists approved practice.

We are a holistic therapy treatment centre dedicated to providing our clients with the most healing, relaxing and rejuvenating experience possible. We have a wide range of treatments available, including reflexology and Indian head massage, for anyone seeking renewed energy or healing for their body, mind or emotional system, and we value our privilege in being able to provide valuable treatments for people to feel healthy and well again.
Fully qualified and insured under the Guild of Holistic Therapists, you are sure to receive the highest standards of treatment within a relaxing and calming environment from our holistic therapist in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire.

Please feel free to browse our website and view the different treatments we offer, and feel free to get in touch to discuss any issue you need help with or the kinds of treatments you are seeking.

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Treatments With Us

Treatments with us are always designed to relax and re-invigorate your body and mind. Our range of treatments often focus on both the physical and mental aspects at the same time, which can also greatly benefit your emotional well being by bringing back a sense of peace, calm and balance.

Our treatments are excellent for relieving stored tension, draining toxins out of the body, dealing with pain in the body or easing stress that has built up in the mind. Our treatments take the holistic approach of seeing the body as an integrated organism where everything is connected, and to bring a sense of relaxation, healing and balance back to your system means that everything can have the space and stimulation to heal and renew.

Whether you are experiencing headaches, muscular tension, joint pain or emotional stress, our treatments aim to open and relax your body so that natural healing processes can occur and accelerate where they may have been previously slowed down. Our holistic therapist in Stratford-upon-Avon aims to leave you feeling refreshed with a new lease of life, able to sleep easier, helping towards becoming pain free, more healthy, and ultimately more happy.








One of our main and most popular treatments, reflexology is a way to completely relax and promote healing throughout your entire body. Based on the theory that the entire body is one interconnected system, the soles of the feet contain specific areas that are directly linked to other areas of the body. Through massage and applying pressure to certain areas of the feet, we can stimulate the healing process within any area that needs attention, to create a greater healing environment for your body.

Great for physical as well as emotional issues, reflexology is not only a way to promote overall health, but a treatment to give you a deeply relaxing experience where your body is given the permission to let go of its accumulated tension and stresses, leaving you feeling, lighter, freer and more full of energy.


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 Reflexology treatments at Evsham road Health and Holistics in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire.


 Indian Head Massage and Back Massage

A great treatment for those who are carrying tension in the head, neck and back areas, Indian head and back massage is a favourite with people who spend a long time sitting at desks staring at computer screens or driving long distances. Designed to release tension in areas of stress and strain, the treatment drains toxins from any areas of the body that are storing them, and allows your body to renew itself under a deeply relaxing treatment.

Also great for relieving headaches, improving hair health and creating a more peaceful and calming inner climate, Indian head and back massage often work wonders for people's ability to sleep easily and restfully at night.

About Our Indian Head Massage Treatments 




 Indian head massage holistic treatment in Stratford-upon-Avon Warwickshire




Aromatherapy And Full Body Massage Treatments Now Available 

A powerful all-in-one treatment that covers the entire body, the combination of deep massage and natural essential oils allows the body to absorb nutrients and increase its levels of circulation to all areas. A wonderful treatment for body soreness and stiffness, as well as a major treatment for relaxation and letting go of what you no longer need emotionally, We are now taking bookings for this wonderful treatment in our health and holistics practice in Stratford-upon-Avon.


About Our Aromatherapy Treatments 




Our Treatments

All of our treatments, provided by our holistic therapist in Stratford-upon-avon, are designed to help both the body and mind in reaching a state of peace, relaxation and healing. We intend for our treatments to provide a deeply rejuvenating experience for you, where you are fully comfortable and at ease. Our treatments include:

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 Treatment room at Evesham Road Health and Holistics in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire.





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If you see a treatment such as reflexology, Indian head massage or one of our many other treatments that you like the look of, feel free to contact us at our practice in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire with any enquires or to book yourself in for a treatment. The body and mind can be complex things to manage in day-to-day life, and our ability to help you re-set, relax and revive the system is a service that we are very grateful to provide.

Health, well being and relaxation are always at the core of our services. We like to see our clients sleep easier, feel better and live more healthy lives. We would love to help you too.

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Loyalty and Gift Cards 


To express our gratitude towards our clients who come back regularly to benefit from our treatments, we will soon be offering loyalty cards with discounts and special offers to show our appreciation.

To arrange a bespoke treatment like reflexology or Indian head massage as a quality gift for someone you love, use our gift card feature to arrange a wonderful experience for someone close to you.


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What Our Clients Say About Us



 Went to Lisa feeling with lots of tension in my shoulders and neck due to stress. After a session with her working her magic I am feeling so much more relaxed and happier would highly recommend Lisa...thank you.

Esther, February 2018, Warwickshire 


Went to Lisa as I felt anxious and fed up, came out feeling amazing and relaxed, such a lovely soul , would definitely recommend if you need a boost , already booked in for Therapy session number 2

Dan, November 2017, Stratford-upon-Avon

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