Holistic and Health Treatments


Our treatments, provided by our holistic therapist in Stratford upon-Avon, are designed to promote healing, aid relaxation and reduce stress. With physical, mental and emotional benefits, our treatments serve as deeply cleansing experiences where you can let go of tension on all levels.

We are always so happy to see our clients leave our treatment rooms with less pain, a more positive outlook on life or a wonderfully relaxed demeanour, and we enjoy giving people the help they need to re-set their bodies and minds so that they can go back into the world feeling brand new.







Otherwise known as "zone therapy", reflexology is based on the theory that each area of the foot is linked to certain parts of the body, and through applying varying degrees of pressure, the corresponding body parts can be beneficially influenced and stimulated to renew themselves. It can be a wonderful treatment for anyone experiencing pain in the body or ailments related to joints, muscle pain or even internal organ problems.

Reflexology is also an excellent treatment for anyone looking to relieve stress, relax easier or sleep better at night. We have had experience with clients who have reported that after just one reflexology session, they are able to have a good night's sleep after months of struggling to rest at night.



Reflexology treatment in Warwickshire

Reflexology is also great for anyone dealing with emotional struggles such as depression or anxiety, and although not presented as a replacement to modern conventional therapies, reflexology can certainly benefit people who are looking for an increased sense of wellbeing and good health, excellent as a complementary therapy for anyone seeking enhanced health and immune system functioning.

We begin with a refreshing foot bath for our clients, after which begins the massage and use of acupressure techniques on all areas of the feet. If a problem area is detected, we will begin to work more closely on the specific area so that related areas in the body are beneficially stimulated to promote healing. We are careful not to overwork any area, but provide enough stimulation to ensure healing can take place as efficiently as possible.

Reflexology aims to leave you feeling refreshed, revitalised and re-set for the coming weeks, and is a great way to renew your energy so that you can handle life with more ease and effectiveness in the future.     

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 Reflexology treatments with our holistic therapist in Stratford-upon_Avon







Indian Head Massage And Back Massage

Indian head and back massage is ideal for people with desk jobs, long distance drivers or people who carry out work that puts a strain on their posture, joints and muscles.

Areas where we easily carry tension during the day such as the back, neck and shoulders are first massaged with a natural essential oil of your choice to relax your body as much as possible. Tension that can lead to headaches and migraines can also be released in this way, so that all the built-up pressure from work or daily life can leave your system.



Indian Head Massage Treatment with our Holistic therapist in Stratford-upon-Avon

Once your back, neck and shoulders are fully relaxed, your head will be massaged at the front, back and at the temples in order to release any stored tension and related toxins in the head. These areas of tension often go unnoticed within us, or build up a great deal before we notice they are there. The Indian head massage is designed to relieve all of this strain, so that your system goes back into full relaxation, and your body can revive itself after being relieved of all of its stresses.

The natural oils that are used in this treatment also make this treatment a favourite of our clients. People often like to leave the essential oils within their hair to give it an extra strength and nourishment overnight.

This treatment is a brilliant one for people who find themselves straining at computer screens all day, or those that feel as if they carry tension and stress within their head, neck and shoulders for any reason. Relaxation and relief is always the outcome, providing a way for your body and mind to let go of all of their stored tensions.

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 Indian back Massage with our holistic therapist in Warwickshire







Reiki chacras used in treatment with us in Warwickshire

The 7 chakras, or energy centres within the body that Reiki seeks to heal and balance for mental, emotional and physical well being.


Dr Mikao Usui Reiki Healing is a non-invasive, relaxing and balancing treatment for people experiencing various kinds of ailments. Whether you seek recovery from an injury, operation or illness, or perhaps an emotional issue that you feel requires some healing energy, Reiki is a method of healing that can stimulate healing processes within the body and mind, without even needing to touch you.


Therapy takes place while you are sitting or lying, and depending on your preference, hands can be laid on areas of the body such as the back and shoulders, with the aim of rebalancing your energy and bringing a fresh and healing life force into your system. Although not yet recognised as a conventional medical treatment, people can report a strong sense of relaxation, renewed energy and even a sense of healing after being treated with Reiki.

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 Reiki treatment with a holistic therapist








 Bespoke Treatment Packages Are Available

Bespoke treatment packages act as wonderful gifts for those who are close to you, where you can make your loved ones feel as if they have been given something that is deeply beneficial for them and personally tailored to them at the same time. They can have one-of-a kind treatment packages that suits their needs or personality, which serve as personal gifts designed to increase their overall sense of health and well being too.

For more on these bespoke gifts that you can give to your loved ones, see our Gift Card Page.

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Eastern Facial

A beautiful treatment for anti-ageing, Eastern Facial Massage is a relaxing method of applying massage to various acupressure points within the face. Using your choice from our hand-blended essential oils collection (grapeseed and peppermint oil is a wonderful one for this), we begin to massage your face to stimulate the blood flow and circulation to your skin, which also helps to relieve symptoms such as sinus blockage or pain, headaches and migraines, ear pain or even depression and anxiety.

Eastern Facial Massage is a wonderful way to promote a relaxing and restful night's sleep that comes with ease, and people can often fall in love with the treatment for its anti-ageing effects on the skin, decreasing signs of wrinkles and promoting muscle tone underneath. People often report that their face feels rejuvenated, their skin feels tighter and stronger yet more supple and relaxed, and they leave the therapy room with a strong glow to their skin that they did not have when they walked in.

No commercial or chemical-laden creams are required here. Good, all-natural plant-based essential oils and a good therapist are all that you need.


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 eastern facial massage treatments in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire



 HOPI Ear Candling

Also known as Auricular Therapy, HOPI ear candling is a wonderful treatment for anyone with a build-up of wax in their ears, who are perhaps seeking an alternative to ear drops. The HOPI candles draw out wax that has built up within the ear, leaving you with a cleaned-out feeling within your ears, and hopefully an increased sense of hearing.

People with sinus problems or inner ear problems tend to benefit greatly from these sessions, and we always include a facial pressure point massage on top of the HOPI ear candling to aid with the treatment and its cleansing effects. With the massage we pay particular attention to the ear area so that we can remove any wax build up as much as possible.

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 HOPI ear candling in Stratford-upon-Avon








Stress Management Consultancy 

The stress management consultancy service can either be a standalone service that we provide, or an additional therapy that is combined with other treatments for stress reduction.

Stress management consultancy aims to identify what is creating stress for you in your life, work out why it is there, and then find ways to heal or resolve it. The service is designed to give you the tools you need to not only reduce your stress, but to go forward in life and meet challenges with ease and more efficiency, rather than feeling as if you are tying yourself up in knots.


Relaxing candles used at our Evesham Road Health and Holistics practice in Warwickshire


We can look at any negative behavioural patterns that you feel locked within, work out the reason why they are functioning, and then find ways to resolve them and replace them with more healthy, harmonious patterns of living.

The service takes place within a relaxed and non-judgemental atmosphere, and like all our other treatments, is also designed to leave you feeling fuller, fresher and more revived within your everyday life.

Great for anyone dealing with anything from exam stress or work stress, to family or relationship issues, please get in touch with us for a free consultation, and we can discuss whether this service would be a good fit for you.

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Our relaxing practice room in Stratford-upon-Avon









Aromatherapy and full body massage is a powerful all-in-one treatment that utilises the healing properties and beneficial effects of natural essential oils, along with the deeply relaxing and therapeutic effects of full body massage.

Great for sore muscles, stress relief and letting go of tension held within various areas of the body and mind, aromatherapy and full body massage is a well-balanced treatment that aims to leave you feeling deeply relaxed, cleansed and reinvigorated.

A good treatment for both physical and emotional issues, the power of the essential oils that are absorbed through the skin leads to a deep sense of well being that arises after each session.




Aromatherapy treatments in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire.








What Our Clients Say About Us



Amazing eastern face massage, loved it, so relaxing, highly recommend it!

Sarah, March 2017


Amazing. Go and let Lisa pamper and relax your soul.

Rebecca, March 2017


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24 Hour Cancellation Policy

While we realise that unexpected events can occur that suddenly change your plans, we respectfully request that you give us 24 hours' notice for all cancellations that are to be made. Often our schedule is fully booked, and with your notice of cancellation, it means that someone else can get their treatment sooner rather than having to wait.

Thank you for your consideration.